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Allow us to introduce you to the faces that embody our family vineyard. Each portrait reflects the commitment, passion, and heritage of our family, passed down from generation to generation.



Having grown up in the family vineyard, Laure Berthet-Rayne was immersed in the world of wine from a young age. She learned the intricacies of the craft alongside her father and ancestors, actively participating in vineyard work and gaining a deep understanding of the land and grape varieties.


After obtaining a master's degree in International Business and Finance from ISAFI in Marseille in 2001, Laure joined the estate to put her knowledge and passion for wine into practice. She quickly demonstrated her talent and determination, contributing to the evolution and development of the family estate.


In addition to providing support in the vineyards and cellar, she is heavily involved in the business activities. This includes promoting and marketing the wines, participating in wine fairs and tastings. She is also active within the syndicate of winemakers of the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation.

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Portrait de Laure Berthet-Rayne Domaine Berthet-Rayne
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Portrait de Martial Capeau Domaine Berthet-Rayne

Martial CAPEAU

Martial Capeau, a talented farmer, crossed paths with Laure in 2000, marking the beginning of an exciting journey.


Drawing on his experience and expertise in agriculture, he made a valuable contribution to the estate. In 2005, Martial officially joined Domaine Berthet Rayne. His initial tasks focused on vineyard work, where he showcased his expertise by implementing sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural techniques.


His meticulous approach and love for nature are reflected in the health and vitality of the vines.


Over the years, Martial expanded his role and took charge of cellar management. In 2009, he obtained his oenology certificate from the prestigious Wine University at Château de Suze-la-Rousse.


With passion and dedication, he continues to refine his winemaking skills, drawing inspiration from age-old traditions while incorporating modern techniques to enhance the potential of the harvested grapes.

Dany & Christian

Dany and Christian Berthet-Rayne, two iconic figures of the family and the estate, dedicated their lives to the vineyard.


Christian Berthet-Rayne, after marrying Dany, joined the family estate and devoted no less than 40 years of hard work to it.


He demonstrated unwavering dedication, contributing to the evolution and growth of the vineyard. Over the decades, Christian acquired invaluable expertise in all aspects of viticulture. Alongside his father-in-law Emile, Christian learned the intricacies of the craft and developed a deep attachment to the land and the vines. His constant pursuit of innovation and his love for the family estate has been a source of inspiration for the younger generation, particularly for Laure Berthet-Rayne, his daughter, who grew up observing her father passionately working in the vineyards.


After years of working in a pharmaceutical office, Dany dedicated herself entirely to the estate and its commercialization, managing direct sales to consumers and actively participating in various wine fairs in France.


Over time, Dany and Christian gradually handed over the reins to the next generation, always lending a helping hand during busy periods. They passed on their expertise and passion to Laure and her husband, Martial Capeau, who have flourished and brought their own vision to the family estate.

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Christian et Dany Berthet-Rayne du Domaine Berthet-Rayne en Châteauneuf-du-Pape


Today, Laure and Martial continue to work hand in hand to make the family estate prosper.
Thanks to their shared vision and complementary expertise, they have built a solid reputation, making the family estate an important player in the wine industry focused on organic farming. Their eco-friendly wines are loved both locally and internationally, and they continue to captivate wine lovers around the world with their unique character and exceptional quality.
Their commitment to quality, sustainability and innovation remains unwavering, and they are determined to pass on their passion and know-how to future generations.

Famille Berthet-Rayne, Domaine Berthet-Rayne, Châteauneuf-du-Pape
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