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Once the harvest is complete and the vinification is complete, our wines are aged in cellars specially designed to preserve their exceptional quality. These cellars provide an ideal environment for wine aging, with seriously controlled conditions.  

Temperature plays a crucial role in the preservation of wine. It is kept constant, generally around 15 degrees Celsius. This thermal stability allows the wine to mature slowly and harmoniously, preserving its subtle aromas and avoiding thermal fluctuations that could damage it. 

In order to be stored the wine is bottled, it is a precise and meticulous process. The bottles are lined up and rinsed before being filled with filtered wine. A cork is inserted, followed by a capsule and a label. The bottles are then stored to age before being marketed. 

Another equally essential factor in wine conservation is darkness. The darkness of the cellars offers protection against harmful UV rays which could alter the aromas and color of the wine.  The bottles are therefore protected from direct light, allowing the wine to age in complete peace of mind. 

Come and taste our wine at the estate, take the time to savor it fully. Let it tell you its story through its complex flavors and captivating bouquet. 

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